Introducing me

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Hello internet,

I’m a sixteen, well almost seventeen years old girl. I started this blog because sometimes my life gets really complicated and this is like my little personal space. Ofcourse it’s not THAT personal when you throw it all over the internet, but here I can say whatever I want without anyone knowing who I am.

Just something about me. So you already know I’m an almost-seventeen years old girl, the second thing is that I’m a HUGE One Direction fan! I love them! Sometimes it gets a little creepy, but then I have my best friend who always listens to my endlessly Directioner moments. I know she gets annoyed sometimes, but still, she listens to it!

Something else now, I’m in high school so you know: DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! Everyday! My life is full of it! But just like every other teenage girl, I know I exagerate sometimes 🙂 I’m not most ideal student… me and teacher is not really a perfect match actually. I just can’t understand why we have homework?! And I’m still waiting for the day I will use all those weird formulas from math in real life.

I also really like ‘Pretty Little Liars’, it’s like the best program EVER! I have a lot of theories about it, but I still can’t figure out every mystery! Uhm … is there something else?

I was thinking of something, but now I forgot! Yeah, it’s not the first time that happens :$ But ok, if you want to know something else about me, just comment it 🙂

Bye! x